Why A Leather Messenger Bag For You

March 16, 2017

With the inception of the internet and the word’s dependence on it, laptops, tablets and smart phones have become an essential part of life. So, it only makes sense that there is the perfect choice of bag to make your plugged in life is truly mobile. 


Whether its working in a coffee shop, racing to a client presentation, studying for that next exam or just watching cat videos on youtube and eating chips, the truth is your smart device may as well be connected to your hip. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean to sound like laptops and tablets are a bad thing. In fact their creation has enabled us to break the shackles of a traditional workplace and its monotonous office cubicles, and take our work to almost any place we can imagine. A happier person is definitely a more productive person.


Since these miraculous inventions are intwined in our daily lives, then what other reason do you need to get yourself the best laptop bag to showcase and transport your things. When it comes time to purchase a bag for one’s laptop it can be overwhelming with all the different options for bag. So here are 7 tips for picking the perfect laptop bag:








Backpack or Messenger Bag:

The first thing you need to decide is between a backpack or a messenger bag (satchel bag).  While a backpack is definitely the perfect choice for certain situations, a leather messenger bag is by far and away the best option for your beloved laptops and smart devices, since it has better weight distribution and is far more versatile with where, when and how you can use the bag.


One of the main reasons I prefer a leather messenger bag, other than its functionality and style, is the fact that your valuables are far safer from thieving pick pockets. Unlike a backpack, you can easily position a messenger bag in front of yourself and cover any zippers or pockets with folded arms. The backpack on the other hand is easy pickings and is carried in your blindspot.


Messenger Bag Material:

Basically there are three types of material that are most commonly used in the making of messenger bags, including:


• Canvas • Nylon • Leather





Now I could spend a bunch of time talking about all the various qualities these different materials have, but if Im being honest…. There really is no other option than a quality handmade leather messenger bag, so I’m not going to talk about the other options today.  


Don’t think there aren’t some great options in canvas messenger and satchel bags, I own a couple myself, but unlike canvas bags, the leather variety are abrasion and water-resistant.  When it comes to nylon, its not even in the same league as leather bags in terms of durability and longevity.


If this hasn’t already made up your mind on why a leather messenger bag is the best laptop bag out there, there here are five more reasons to help you see the light:


A classic, but current, classy, professional and dare i say hipster look:

The last thing any self respecting man or woman wants to look like is a high school dropout or university student with a kindergarten backpack that mum packed for you. Or better yet imagine wearing a sharp new suit for an important job interview or client meeting and you have to pair it with your backpack or canvas satchel bag.If you want to be taken seriously, then a quality leather messenger bag will complete the look.


Easy to find all your belongings and devices:

Suppose you have an important presentation or having to go through security at the airport. Having to take out your charger, your laptop, mouse, tablet or whatever else you need to find, a messenger bag is faster than a backpack. Plus, unlike a backpack and all its hidden extra pockets where you might forget you left something for airport security to find later and have you explain. Leather messenger bags always provide you with order and accessibility in a frenzied or hurried situation.


Leather messenger bags are comfortable and eliminate big wet sweat patches on your business shirts:

If you’ve ever worn a backpack on your walk to work in the summer (let alone a nice humid Qld summer) then you know a thing or two about those lovely sweaty patches that grow and then drip down your back by the time you ride or walk just part of the way home. A leather messenger bag with a strong support grip can come to your aid and save the pores of your skin being drenched in a puddle. They allow for airflow between you and the bag, can be swapped sides at anytime and are definitely the best way to protect your business shirt collars from turning into the neighbours swimming pool. 


They’re perfect for men and woman of any age:

Thankfully times when certain bags where associated with effeminacy or masculinity are changing, as they should. And a leather messenger bag doesn’t carry those old stigmas and can easily be shared between a couple and still look as sharp for both occasions or personal styles.


Leather messenger bags can be accessorised with any style or occasion, it really doesn’t matter if you are a white collar professional, struggling artist or a Melbourne laneway coffee sipping hipster. 


Leather messenger bags can be passed from one generation to the next:

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons I appreciated a quality Leather bag of superior craftsmanship is the simple fact that the bags themselves can develop a history and story each of their own. A quality leather bag can last decades, making them a perfect family heirloom that can be passed down. My grandfather passed gave his leather bag to my Dad, which he used everyday to run his own small business. While seldom used these days, it sits proudly in my Dad’s room and I’m eager to one day use as did my father and his father before. 


Hopefully this list helps you with your decision when purchasing your next laptop bag. If you would like to see a selection of our finest leather messenger bags made by designers like Just Leather Products (JLP) right here in Australia, just click here!

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